Today’s story is about Maysa Rosales, a woman for whom life has not been easy. According to different estimates, at one point Maysa weighted 1100 pounds (which is around 499kg). Her current weight sits around 211 pounds (which is 96kg), meaning this girl has managed to lose over 800 pounds. Obviously, her health is now much better, but before this story gets to that point, we should learn more about the path Maysa had to take in order to regain control of her body.


Life Has Not Been Easy

At her heaviest, Maysa weighted around 1100 pounds (which, for international readers, amounts to 499kg). That easily places her in the category as the “heaviest woman in history.” Luckily, she overcame this debilitating condition, and now she doesn’t weight anywhere near that amount.
Her Life is Full of Controversy

People that personally knew Maysa, say that her story is very complicated, and there are multiple reasons why she had to turn to food and consume so many calories in order to cope with the emotional and physical distress that was happening to her life.

She Was in Depression

Once instance that shows just how depressed Maysa was, is a 2008 case when she pleaded guilty to murdering her nephew Eliso, who had suffered a head trauma. Maysa had said that she had accidentally crushed him due to the weight of her arm.

Her Sister Was the Actual Murderer

Once the police and detectives had gathered more information, they concluded that it was actually Eliseo’s mother (meaning Maysa’s sister) who had murdered her own son, by beating his head with a comb. Just imagine a mother doing that to her own son.

Why Did She Plead Guilty?

After the case closed, Maysa told reporters that she plead guilty, even though she knew she didn’t kill her nephew, because she hated her life and didn’t want to live to see another day. Just imagine how depressed a person has to be in order to try to intentionally lock themselves for a crime they didn’t commit.

Clearing Her Name

After that whole ordeal, Maysa got a bad reputation, and the nickname “The Half-Ton Killer.” Since she got cleared, she wanted to turn her life around. She was 30 years old when she started a new page in her life, which was young enough to win this battle.

She Was Dying

Looking at past photos, Maysa says that she can see on her face that she was in all actuality dying. Maybe it was a slow death, but it was happening nonetheless. Having that much weight on yourself can easily cause dozens of different health complications.

She Had to Bathe With Buckets

In one of the photos in today’s story, you can clearly see how Maysa had to bathe. One or more different people had to mount her bed, and then use buckets to wash the areas of her body which the dirtiest and the most inaccessible. The rest had to be left unwashed.

The Only Way Out Was to Lose Weight

Maysa knew that the only way out was to lose weight. In her case, she had to lose so much weight, that probably no other person in the world had to. She underwent 11 different surgeries, to reduce the size of her stomach, and to remove the excess amount of skin on her body.

Seeing the Small Changes

The road to recovery, coming out of depression, and living a normal life was a very difficult thing for Maysa. She was seeing small daily changed to her body, which is what motivated her to continue and to eventually get the life for herself that she wanted.

Gaining Momentum

After she passed the bulk of the operations, Maysa could finally start to move and to regain control of her day. That means that she could think about diets, about proper meal plans, and even some light cardio as the beginning of her exercise regimen.

Finding Love

As her journey progressed and she started to resemble her original self, she started to find success in other different areas of life. She even found love, which was great for her, as that means that she’ll have fewer chances of rebounding back in the depression later on.

Losing 800 Pounds

Looking at these photos, you can clearly see how much weight she lost. Losing 800 pounds, or close to 400 kilograms, is no small feat. The weight she lost can amount to 5-6 adults – just imagine losing the weight of 5 or 6 fully grown humans. That’s incredible.

“Once you’re in bed for several years, you have no life.”

According to one doctor who worked on the subject of large patients, losing weight, he said “Once you’re in bed for several years, you have no life. As soon as he started walking again, the motivation he got was incredible.”

The Final Transformation

The above photo you see is of Maysa’s final transformation. This is how she currently looks, and it’s great to see that she has gotten her passion for life back. She even tries to dress in cute, hip t-shirts, which couldn’t even think of doing with the previous state of her body.