10 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

It enables constant movement of blood through the body. It’s the blood that supplies the brain and the organs with the needed nutrients and oxygen. Circulation problems can affect the proper function of various systems within the body.


Other factors that can contribute to this condition are obesity, heredity, hormonal changes, constipation, use of control pills and a lot of standing on a daily basis.

If you face such problem, it is of crucial importance to wear compression stockings that will improve the blood flow. Make sure, you see your doctor regularly for a proper treatment.

6. Weak Immune System and Slow Healing

The improper circulation will influence the immune system because when not distributed on time, the vitamins and minerals that the body needs have to fight off infections. In this way, the ability of the body to fight bacteria is affected.

If you have weak immune system, you may be more susceptible to wounds, cuts and grazes that may be more difficult to heal.

To improve your blood circulation exercise more often. Walk at least 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week and you will feel much better.

7. Erectile Dysfunction

If there is no a proper blood flow in the reproductive organs, this may lead to erectile dysfunction. Further on, this can cause problems to achieve or sustain erection. This condition can be connected to atherosclerosis. So, men who suffer from this problem should consult a doctor in order to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular disease.

8. Sudden Hair Loss

Hair loss is an evident indication that there is an improper distribution of blood in the body. When the scalp does not receive the needed nutrients in the right time and amount, the hair becomes dry, thin and starts falling down.

For this purpose, it is recommended to massage the scalp with some hair oil in order to prevent hair loss. In this way, you will improve the blood flow and the hair follicles. Make sure you see a doctor if some additional treatment is needed.

Brittle nails and dry skin can also be a consequence of improper circulation because if the lack of nutrients.

However, hair loss can occur due to stress, aging, genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, smoking, thyroid disorder, infections of the scalp, chronic illnesses or iron-deficiency.

9. Tightness or Heaviness in the Chest

If there is no an adequate blood flow, the heart won’t be able to function in the proper manner. The poor circulation in your heart can lead to tightness and heaviness in the chest.

This problem is medically known as angina or angina pectoris. The chest pain can also be an indication of atherosclerosis in the heart arteries.

Other reasons that can contribute to chest pain can include heartburn, muscle spasm, upper respiratory infection, indigestion and stomach ulcer.

As soon as you feel some chest pain, see a doctor to prevent some serious life-threatening problem.

10. Skin Discoloring or Cyanosis

Cyanosis is a discoloration of skin as a result of low levels of blood oxygen or an improper blood circulation. So, the color can change from bright red to dark one, the skin around the eyes, lips and gums can be blue. Even the fingers and toes can get a bruised look.

When such discoloration appears on baby’s skin, it may be an indication of a congenital heart disease. In this case, it is of crucial importance to look for an immediate medical advice.

How to Improve Circulation:

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