Common Mistakes When Buying No Medical Exam Life Insurance:NoMedicalInfoGraph

Assuming that you only have one or two different no medical exam life insurance policy options during your application process.
Overpaying for very little life insurance coverage.
Purchasing a policy that will have gradually become more expensive as you age.
Buying an insurance policy that only covers accidental causes of death, and excludes natural causes of death from health issues, such as heart attack, strokes and cancer.
Etc, etc…
We’re excited to highlight some of the companies that we feel are currently offering some of the top 10 no medical exam term life insurance policies out there and second, to highlight why some types of life insurance policies may be a better than others in certain situations (such as pre-existing medical conditions).

Now since we offer all of the insurers in our top no exam companies list quite frequently, we’ve chosen to list them in alphabetical order so that it doesn’t appear that we favor any company over the other.

Ultimately the decision on which of these companies is best for you will depend on your unique health situation and what goals you hope to achieve by purchasing life insurance for your family. We also specialize in fully underwritten companies and we’re happy to direct you through that application process, so don’t forget to check out our Best Life Insurance Companies in the United States list if you are considering taking an exam.