Life Insurance Medical Exam Preparation


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If you choose to take an exam the examiner will meet you at home, your place of business, or you can come by the exam office. The exam consists of the examiner taking your height and weight, blood pressure, urine sample and blood sample. At times an EKG will also be required for older clients or for clients looking to get a large amount of life insurance death benefit coverage.

The examiner will also inquire into who your primary care physician is as well as any other doctors you have seen recently. Finally, the examiner will request your see driver’s license for identification purposes.

Upon completion of your life insurance health exam, the examiner may have some additional application questions to go over with you. The examiner will ask questions about your health and lifestyle which will probably be a repeat of what your agent already asked you. One reason they do this is to be thorough but another reason this is done is to look for inconsistencies. Inconsistent answers raise red flags with the life insurance underwriter who may request additional information such as physician statements.

A typical life insurance medical examination will take between 15-30 minutes and between 30-45 minutes if an EKG is required (typically for clients 60 and up and for those qualifying for larger face amounts).

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