Penny pinchers and savvy shoppers rejoice: Chances are that there are car insurance discounts you can qualify for. Here are the most common discounts that insurance companies offer:

Multi-policy: Discount for bundling multiple types of insurance with one provider, e.g., homeowners and car insurance
Multi-car: Discount for insuring multiple cars with one provider, e.g., your car, your spouse’s car and your kid’s car
Safety: Discount for your car’s safety features—this is unrelated to your driving record
Accident-free: Discount if you’ve gone an exceptionally long time without an accident
Loyalty: Discount if you’ve been at your insurance company for a long time
Age: Discount if you’re over a certain age, usually 55
The Awesome Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent
Our agents simplify the search process for finding the right car insurance. They’ll walk you through handpicked policy options and explain the nitty gritty in language you can understand.

Plus, carriers can have strict deadlines for filing claims. Your independent insurance agent can help you file on time, so you can maximize your insurance benefits.

Finding Car Insurance Quotes
Our agents work with you one-on-one to evaluate your risks and help you decide what car insurance is right for you. Based on your unique needs, they’ll shop and compare policies from multiple insurance carriers. And find awesome protection at the best possible price.

The Lowdown on Online Quotes
We know what you’re looking for: fast and easy car insurance quotes in 30 seconds or less. We get it, you want the goods ASAP, but choosing speed over accuracy can wind up costing you.

Quick quotes are great, but online companies might leave out cost-cutting options. And leave in factors that assume higher risk, resulting in a pricier policy.

Not only that, our competitors might sell your info to multiple companies, which can result in a flood of calls. We flipped the script by giving YOU the info and options to connect with an independent insurance agent.