4 Reasons Your Workplace Life Insurance Policy Isn’t Enough


What would you do then?

3. Your workplace policy might be overly expensive
If your workplace supplements the cost of your life insurance policy, you could be getting one heck of a deal. But, since that may not be the case, you should never assume.

The best way to find out is to get a free quote for life insurance and compare to what you’re paying through your job. Since term life insurance can be inexpensive, you may get a better deal on a lot more coverage if you shop around on yourself.

Make sure to see how quotes and coverage amounts with several companies stack up so you can get a full “apples to apples” comparison. And, if your workplace coverage does wind up being sufficient and a better deal, at least you’ll know either way.

4. Workplace policies aren’t aren’t tailored to your needs
Another reason your workplace life insurance policy may leave you disastrously unprepared is that it isn’t tailored to your specific lifestyle or needs. Most employers pick a generic plan and level of coverage and offer it to everyone irrespective of family size, income or retirement timeline.

By shopping for your own life insurance policy, you can make sure you purchase a plan that actually aligns with your goals. If you’re 20 years from retirement and only need coverage for your working years, you can buy a plan with enough coverage to replace your income for twenty years and call it a day.

If you want tiered coverage that comes in full blast while you’re working and teeters off once you retire, you can buy two life insurance plans that overlap – say, a 30-year term policy for $100,000 and a 20-year policy good for $500,000. With this strategy, you’ll get maximum coverage during your working years and a smaller amount after you retire.

When you buy your own plan, you decide on coverage levels and timeline, whereas your employer plan is not at all tailored to your needs.

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